News from the Club 5-18

Save the Date Saturday May 28, 2022.  We will be holding our Annual Memorial Day Weekend Golf Outing.  The format will be a Four-Player Modified Shamble.  Everyone will hit the tee shot, select the best positioned ball and then it is Two-Player Alternate Shot Scramble from there until the ball is holed.  There will be Gross and Net Score Prizes with the Handicap System to be determined.  Registration is available in the Golf Shop.

   Aerification dates for Cranes are now May 31st and June 1st.  The tees and greens will be done those two days, the fairways in the early mornings and late afternoons the following few days.  Once the greens and tees are completed, the course will be open for play.

Exciting News:  If you have yet to hear, Otter Creek will be undergoing a rehab project.  The plan is in place to redo all 18 greens, the putting, chipping, and nursery green along with replacement of over 600 irrigation heads and installing a two-wire control system.  There will not be play on Otter during this project from June 3rd through mid to late October.  There will also be tree work and cart path work.  You may want to make your late October and November tee-times now as once completed, Otter will take it’s place as the feature course in our area!

Regarding the 17th hole on Cranes.  It is now playing 35 yards shorter using the temporary green.  Keep this in mind when making your club selection.  Additionally for handicapping purposes, use the equitable stroke control guidelines.

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