New Home Purchase Application/Fees


July, 23, 2021. Please be advised that our Accounting process has changed. Please print and use the current documents when requesting estoppels and filling out New Home Owner Applications.

Please review the Governing Documents page as a Special Assessment was approved in June 2021 and will be reflected in the Estoppels for payment.

Realtors and New Residents: Please be sure to read or print the Official Amended HOA Documents 6-24-2021 file. These documents have recently become an Official part of our Governing Documents and a special assessment has been applied to all Plantation properties. Resale homes will be subject to a one time pro-rated assessment fee based on the full assessment of $1260. This cost will be included in the estoppel and paid at closing. 

Note to Agents and Homeowners selling by owner: Prior to purchase a potential new homeowner must submit an application for approval by the Homeowner's Association and an estoppel request must be submitted. 

For Sale signs may only be placed in a window of the home and may not exceed 324 square inches ( 18" x 18") in accordance with Section 8.10 of the Governing Documents.

New Home purchasers there is a separate application process and fee if you intend to rent your new home. Please see the New Renter Applications tab for those details.

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