Plantation Oaks
Open Wed-Sat 11am - 6:30pm

I hope all of you continue to be in good health as we continue to fight this pandemic. Governor DeSantis spoke yesterday about slowly reopening the state of Florida. After looking over the Governor’s new guidelines, and consulting with DTE, Sysco and Ecolab we will be slowly reopening Plantation Oaks Restaurant. Please see below for our new guidelines.

 -Plantation Golf Pro Shop-

 Hours will remain the same. Open daily from 730a-330p, and we continue to encourage everyone to call ahead and pay for their round, or members can check in by phone as well.

  • Driving Range- we have put yellow ropes on the driving range to designate the area to hit from. This area will be moved weekly to help the wear and tear on the range. Please DO NOT hit outside the designated area, thank you.
  • Aerification Closings-
    • June 22-26 Cranes
    • June 29-July 3 Otter
    • July 21-22 Cranes
    • July 28-29 Otter

-Plantation Oaks Restaurant-

 Hours and days will remain the same for next week. Open Wednesday-Saturday only, 11am-630pm. The menu will also remain limited, as we gauge how much business will be coming in.

Starting May 6th, we will have three tables of four seats, and 3 tables of two seats in the dining room. This is 18 seats total, which is 25% occupancy for the dining room. There are four tables of four seats on the patio, these tables need to remain six feet apart at all times, and no more than four people at a table. Please don’t move the tables or chairs! We will also have two tables of four seats in the bar area, as well as four bar seats. No one is allowed to hang around the bar unless they are getting a TO-GO order or they are sitting in one of the four bar stools. The bartenders have been instructed to be very strict with this rule, and should people be mingling around the bar, the bar stools will be taken away and no one will be allowed around it. The tables are at least 6 feet apart, and only salt and pepper will remain on the tables (which will be sanitized after each use of table). We will use paper menus for at least the first few weeks, so that we can recycle them after one use and no germs are transferred.


  • Saturday we will be offering NY Strip Steaks or 6oz Tenderloin Filets for Dinner. Each dinner comes with baked potato and veggie. STEAKS MUST BE  RESERVED IN ADVANCE BY NOON ON SATURDAY, please call 352.630.8458 for yours! We will also have our normal limited menu available.

        -10 oz NY Strip $18.99

        -6 oz Tenderloin Filet    $15.99

  • Tonight (5/27) is Liver and Onions night! Served from 4pm-6:25pm.
  • Thursday we will be offering $ 5 burger and fries from Noon-6:25pm. This is available for Dine-In only. Please call ahead for reservations.
  • Friday Night Fish Fry- we are still doing our Fish Fry on Friday nights. Available 4pm-630pm. Reservations and seating are limited, so please call ahead!

Pork Egg Rolls              $7.99

Chicken Tenders            $9.99

Grouper Fingers            $9.99

Fried Green Tomatoes     $6.99

Chicken Wings               $10.99

Chef Salad                     $9.99

Greek Salad                   $9.99

Cobb Salad                    $9.99

Italian Sandwich           $10.99

Turkey or Ham               $8.99

BLT                                $7.99

Club                               $9.99

Cheeseburger                $9.99

Fried Egg Burger           $10.49

Mushroom Swiss            $9.99

Classic Reuben               $9.99

Philly Cheesesteak         $9.99

Angus Hot Dog                $6.99

Fried Shrimp Platter      $12.99

Fresh Dough Pizzas

Cheese                           $9.99

.75 toppings

(sausage, bacon, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, onion)

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