Golf Course Transition on 4-1-21

Greetings Plantation Members and Residents, thank you for your patience
during the golf club transition. Here are some updates on the operations
going forward:

The PRGC's new management teams, Club Specialists for the golf and
restaurant operations, and Brightview Maintenance for the golf courses, will
be on board this Thursday, April 1st. Please join us in welcoming our new General
Manager Terry Govern and Teaching Professional Chris Otis, both industry veterans
with proven track records in managing multiple golf course operations.

For those of you who have unused golf shop credits, gift cards,
range cards and/or FOBS, golf passes, and rain checks, or any other prepaid
items (such as the annual trail fee), those will be honored after the
transition from the current operator to the PRGC.

If you are a member of the club and are billed monthly for your dues
and club charges, you will receive you bill for April Dues no later than the
5th of this month (the current operator has already billed you for your
March charges). Your April dues payments should be made to the Plantation
Golf Club Depository account, and they can be dropped off or mailed to the
Club to the attention of Bob Rhubin. Your March (and any previous balances)
charges should be paid to DTE Plantation and you can drop those payments off
at the Club as well.

The Oaks restaurant will remain open as it is currently:

Lunch: Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-3pm

Dinner: Wednesday through Saturday 5pm -730pm

Bar service: Tuesday 11am - 5pm

Wednesday through Saturday 11am - 8pm

We will also be evaluating the hours of operation for possible expansion as soon
as possible depending on staffing and training needs. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide food service for Easter Sunday due to the lack of time and staff to put forth a quality effort. Rest assured we will have a plan in place going forward to provide for Holidays and special event food service.

As you can imagine, there is much to do in the coming weeks to make for a
smooth transition. Our immediate focus will be on creating and maintaining
an excellent service experience for you, undertaking an extensive program to
restore our golf courses (particularly the greens) to consistent and
playable condition, and assisting the HOA Board in their evaluation
associated with the possible purchase of the club. We will continue to keep
you updated and thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Terry Govern at the Club, see you soon!

Your Plantation Golf Club Management Team


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