Home Purchase Application & Fees


Please print and use the current documents when requesting estoppels and filling out New Home Owner Applications.

Please review the Governing Documents page as a Special Assessment was approved in June 2021 and will be reflected in the Estoppels for payment.

Realtors and New Residents: Please be sure to read or print the Official Amended HOA Documents 6-24-2021 file. These documents are an Official part of our Governing Documents and a special assessment has been applied to all Plantation properties. Resale homes will be subject to a one time pro-rated assessment fee based on the full assessment of $1,260. This cost will be included in the estoppel and must be paid at closing. 

Note to Agents and Homeowners selling by owner: Prior to purchase, a potential new homeowner must submit an application for approval by the Homeowner's Association and an estoppel request must be submitted. 

For Sale signs may only be placed in a window of the home and may not exceed 324 square inches ( 18" x 18") in accordance with Section 8.10 of the Governing Documents.

New home purchasers - there is a separate application process and fee if you intend to rent your new home. Please see the New Renter Applications tab for those details.

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